Planned Giving Advisory Services

Most nonprofit organizations depend on revenue from a variety of sources, including donated funds and charitable gifts. Still, many nonprofits these days are relying on volunteer fundraisers and/or development personnel that lack specialized knowledge in the area of planned giving. 

A well-orchestrated planned giving program can be a particularly effective way to secure long-term revenue for organizations, most especially those with aging members and stakeholders. Members can benefit from learning about certain tax advantages and, in some cases, income-generating tools that make planned giving pay off now as well as into the future.

If your nonprofit does not have a planned giving program, or staff and board members that are knowledgeable enough to help build one, then our Planned Giving Advisory Services may be just what you need.

Whether you are thinking about sustaining and protecting your organization’s assets for the future, or wondering how to encourage your members and donors to consider planned giving as a way to make a meaningful gift now that will also sustain and protect their assets into the future, consider a Planned Giving program.




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