Investment Advisory Services

investment-advisory-services-phillips-financial-strategies-washington-dcIt is pretty common knowledge that a healthy financial profile depends on a lot more than the size of your salary or weekly paycheck, or your FICO score. In fact, most wealth accumulation happens over time, as a result of diverse investments and well-managed funds, not earned income. But how does a person get started, especially on a modest (paycheck to paycheck) income? How does one even begin to understand all the different kinds of investment vehicles, and make smart decisions about which ones will help to achieve certain goals?


The truth of the matter is that there is no single solution that works equally well for everyone. That is why, at Phillips Financial Strategies, we start by listening and learning about you; your needs, goals, dreams, hopes - even your fears - so that we can help you create an investment strategy that is customized to deliver the kind of performance and attention to detail (that is, your life) that you deserve.


  • Are you looking for guidance so that you can make independent, but informed, investment decisions?
  • Are you looking for someone who “gets” you and who will make solid decisions on your behalf?
  • Are you looking for someone to rebalance and manage an existing portfolio, to better fit a changing set of needs and goals?

Whatever your style and needs, it should always be your call as to the role you want an investment advisor to play. Our job, at Phillips Financial Services, is to listen, learn, and then deliver.




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