Estate Transition Planning

At some point in most of our lives, there comes a time when the management of family holdings - real estate, personal property, and other assets (and liabilities) - passes from one generation to the next. Families that want to be proactive and create a smooth path now, for implementation at a later date, find estate transition planning services to be a big help.

No one likes to think of their own mortality or that of their parents. Nonetheless, effective planning well in advance will ensure that the intentions of one generation to provide financial and real resources to their grown children are carried out with as little stress and inefficiency as possible when the time arises.

In many families, simple wills and guardianship determination (if there are minor children or other dependents), may suffice. However, in an increasing number of families unique or complex  circumstances exist which may require more detailed planning to ensure that things transition from one generation to the next without a hitch.

Good financial and estate planning always has as its goal lessening the burden on surviving members of a family who are trying to carry out the deceased’s wishes.

A good estate transition planning service will provide you with a comprehensive plan to address the special needs, considerations, and intentions that are unique to your family. if assets, investments, insurances, and estate plans are properly coordinated ahead of time, families will not be forced to make compromising decisions in a crisis.




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